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IoT Blog Rtone – Connected objects

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Five potential types of supplier to develop your connected solution

Do you have an IoT project? To design, develop, manufacture and market a new connected solution, it is inevitable - and highly recommended if you do not have the internal resources - to be accompanied by an external partner. Depending on the..

Bluetooth MESH

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What are the challenges in creating a Smart City solution?

The ideal of the Smart City is now possible thanks to the IoT and related technologies (wireless networks, connected objects, data, Cloud) used to deliver all of the services it offers (transport, energy, waste, security, health, etc.). While it..

Summing-up the ACM MSWIM Conference

by Alexis Duque, R&D & Security Leader

What future for consumer connected objects?

All new technology brings with it the promise of creating new solutions to satisfy an end customer whose latent needs are constantly evolving. IoT's technologies go beyond this promise, by opening up new ways to capture value streams in existing..

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona : the trends in IoT

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The Agile by Rtone method, or how to reconcile innovation and project execution

By definition, the development of an innovative project cannot be perfectly designed and planned. However, it is essential to respect scheduling deadlines defined by the marketing teams and budgets imposed by Management.

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona : the challenges in IoT

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Countering security flaws in connected objects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of current technological innovations. Used by both companies and individuals, the number of connected objects in service could reach 20 to 30 billion by 2020, according to forecasts. As 5G is about to be..

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona : The future of IoT

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